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Lam Dong museum

Lam Dong Museum

Lam Dong Museum (address - 04 Hung Vuong street, Dalat city) exhibited more than 15.000 artifacts of local tradition and history, especially the artifacts shown the rich culture of Dalat city and Lam Dong province. Including the main parts such as:

- Beauty of nature in Lam Dong province.
- The past and present of Dalat city.
- The unique culture of ethnic minorities such as Ma, K'ho, Churu people.
- Archaeology in Lam Dong province.

Visit Lam Dong Museum, tourists also see the famous stone instrument Di Linh, B'Lao dating from 3500-3000 years; along with architectural relics P'Roh, Cat Tien; and the archaeological artifacts were excavated from the tombs of the indigenous peoples. This is quite a rich collection of nearly 10.000 specimens of ceramics, copper and iron artifacts, very valuable in Southeast Asia.

Lam Dong Museum also diversified activities to attract tourists, and gradually taking shape as a cultural center. Typically, as the featured stilt houses of ethnic minorities, this is also the place to introduce some traditional crafts such as pottery, basketry, weaving... and organizes festivals such as gongs, drinking Can wine... In addition, Lam Dong Museum there is a small park located on a pine hill, serving tourists the interesting folk games.


Dalat travel
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