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Dalat cuisine & Dalat specialties

Dalat cuisine is famous for specialties :

- Fresh Fruit & Vegetables: Dalat is known for its agriculture, produces the majority of Vietnam's exotic fruits and vegetables. The abundant fruit markets make it an eater's paradise.

- Artichoke soup : Artichoke's health benefits can be prevalent seen in this mountain town. The heart of the Artichoke is boiled with shaved pork and onions all topped with a few sprigs of coriander to complete this delectable soup.

- Banh Can : It's a mini-pancake topped with a quail egg, served with pork meatballs and a sweet fish-sauce based dipping sauce. They cook in batches on what looks like a giant cupcake tray with little terracotta lids over each cake.

- Banh Trang Trung : It’s rice paper grilled with a mixture of egg, dried baby prawns, sweet and spicy sauce and chopped onions. Ladies sit on the footpath tending to "banh trang" barbecuing over little charcoal braziers. When they're cooked, a giant chopstick is used to roll up the "banh trang". Once rolled, it’s wrapped in a square of newspaper and handed over. It's tasty and cheap.

- Rượu Cần (Cần wine) : Dalat is the home of several ethnic minority groups like Churu, Ma, K’ho, M’nong who made this Cần wine. It is made of cooked glutinous rice mixed with several kinds of herbs (including leaves and roots) in the local forests. The types and amount of herbs added differs according to ethnic group and region. This mixture is then put into a large earthenware jug, covered, and allowed to ferment for at least one month. Cần wine drink by placing long, slender cane tubes in the jug. Often two or more people will drink together from the same jug communally, each using a separate tube.


Dalat travel
    1) Attractions in Dalat center
          - Xuan Huong lake
          - Dalat flower garden
          - Dalat market & night market
          - Bao Dai palace
          - Lam Dong museum
          - Crazy house
    2) Extend attractions in Dalat
          - Datanla waterfall
          - Mong Mo hill
          - Love Valley Dalat
          - Truc Lam monastery & Tuyen Lam lake
          - Langbiang mountain
          - Lat village
          - Cu Lan village
          - Bidoup Nui Ba national park
          - Visit a silk weaving factory