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Truc Lam monastery & Tuyen Lam lake - Dalat

Truc Lam Monastery Dalat

Truc Lam monastery

Truc Lam Monastery Dalat is one of the 3 largest monasteries in Vietnam, built in 1993, located on Phung Hoang mountain, between the green pine forest, overlooking the romantic Tuyen Lam Lake. The monastery is a complex of large buildings, and harmony with nature.

Inside Truc Lam Monastery Dalat are decorated elaborately, delicate carving, follow profound meaning of Buddhism. Surrounding there are lovely flower gardens, with many species brought from everywhere by monks, and even there is a tree nursery garden.

Additionally, Truc Lam Monastery Dalat also welcomes many people came here for convent in a short time. They are arranged to stay in the guest house, located on the hillside, surrounded by green tree, and fresh air. Daily, they hear the bell, read Buddhist scriptures and eating vegetarian, looking peace in life.

Tuyen Lam lake

Tuyen Lam Lake has an area of over 360ha, spread immensity, winding around the mountains covered with green pine forests, creating a peaceful and charming landscape. Here ideal for relaxing, sightseeing, and is also suitable for outdoor activities, explore unspoiled nature.

- Early morning, Tuyen Lam Lake covered the white mist and very quiet, only the sound of birds singing. At noon, the lake surface reflects sparkling sunlight, and silhouetted cloudy sky. At sunset, the lake becomes cool and romantic in the purple space. Especially, the dry season here lasts up to 6 months, but the lake still full of water.

Visit Tuyen Lam Lake, you can rent a boat, glide on the calm lake, admire the beauty of nature and enjoy the fresh air. Then stop at the tourist area with stilt houses, enjoy Dalat specialties, drinking Can wine, or go fishing, elephant riding, trekking through pine forest... Or simply relaxing in a lakeside resort.
Tuyen Lam lake 02
Tuyen Lam lake 02
Tuyen Lam lake 01
Tuyen Lam lake 01
Truc Lam monastery 02
Truc Lam monastery 02


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