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Lat (Chicken) Village of Co Ho ethnic group - Dalat

Lat Village in Dalat

Less than 1km from the base of Langbiang Mountain is Lat ( Lang Dinh An or Chicken ) Village, a community spread across nine hamlets. It’s home to about 600 of the Co Ho people, now largely Vietnamise, and offers the same woven objects and cultural activities.

Lat Village is usually part of the all-day tour in the hills around Dalat and you’ll find the weaving of the local women of more interest. Naturally, locally made scarves, bags and other souvenirs are available for sale. Sometimes it hosts wine-drinking sessions or gong performances for tour groups.

Lat Village has the distinction of a giant concrete chicken caught mid-strut in the village centre. The statue was part of a long-dysfunctional water system, and used to crow as water was pumped.

The Co Ho people are very used to the many foreign visitors who come here every day; trinket sellers are not pushy, and you are free to walk about this rustic little town at your own pace.

A modest attraction at best, Lat Village has seen frequent visitation and retain little authenticity, although it is possible to visit a traditional house and hear local stories from an older Lat gentleman.
A giant concrete chicken
A giant concrete chicken
Gong performances
Gong performances
Co Ho woman
Co Ho woman
Traditional kitchen
Traditional kitchen


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