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Dalat market & Dalat night market

Dalat Market

Dalat Market

Dalat Market (address - 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street) is the busiest shopping center of the city, and is a place attract tourists to visit and shopping. The market is open from early morning and closes at 18:00 daily.

Dalat Market has lots of products, variety of goods category, abundant in quantity, and prices relatively stable. There are Dalat specialties as:

- Dalat jams: plum jam, yam jam, persimmon jam...
- Dalat tea also called artichoke tea: tea is packed bag or dried, cool effects to the body.
- Dalat strawberry: Fresh strawberry is sour, sweet and rich in vitamins. Strawberry jam adding ice is delicious.
- Dalat wines: Especially, grape wine and plum wine have brands in the market.

And other typical items:

- Fresh flowers: lots of flower species.
- Wool items: with many types and designs such as sweaters, stockings, boots, gloves and hats.
- Fresh vegetables: cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, artichoke flower, glebionis coronaria, spinach...
- Fruits also abound and quality: avocado, persimmon, peach, plum, mulberry and Laba banana...

Dalat Night Market

When Dalat Market has closed, then along the front of entrance quickly change the look, made way for Dalat Night Market also known as Am Phu market (Hades market), which just appear from 6-7 pm lasted until 3-4 am. The reason for the name is Hades market, because in a way known from the past, when the market operates to 2-3h am, in flickering oil lights and dim mist, creating cold and spooky feeling.

Today, Dalat Night Market is bright under electrical lights, crowded and vibrant, becomes the ideal place for tourists to walk around, watching local life and enjoy night foods. Dalat Night Market sells a full range of items, from clothing, fabrics, souvenirs... to the bustling food area with lots of attractive dishes. In the cool air of Dalat, the smell of tasty dishes spread everywhere like to lure visitors.
Dalat night market
Dalat night market


Dalat travel
    1) Attractions in Dalat center
          - Xuan Huong lake
          - Dalat flower garden
          - Dalat market & night market
          - Bao Dai palace
          - Lam Dong museum
          - Crazy house
    2) Extend attractions in Dalat
          - Datanla waterfall
          - Mong Mo hill
          - Love Valley Dalat
          - Truc Lam monastery & Tuyen Lam lake
          - Langbiang mountain
          - Lat village
          - Cu Lan village
          - Bidoup Nui Ba national park
          - Visit a silk weaving factory