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Dalat city and attractions

Da Lat city and attractions

Dalat City is the most famous hill stations in Vietnam. Dalat is small enough to remain charming, and the surrounding countryside is blessed with lakes, waterfalls, evergreen forests and gardens. It’s the favourite honeymoon spot of the country, especially for the honeymooners on the beautiful Langbiang Plateau.

Dalat is very famous as the city of thousand flowers and there are lots of farms for growing temperate vegetable that only can be found in Dalat. The city's temperate weather stands in contrast to Vietnam's otherwise tropical climate. Mist covering the valleys almost year-round leads to its name "City of eternal spring". Local products include silk, garden vege­tables and flowers (especially beautiful hydrangeas), which are sold all over southern Vietnam.

The city’s population includes about 5000 members of hill tribes, which make up 33 distinct communities in Lam Dong province. Traditional dress can occasionally be spotted in the market places. Hill-tribe women of this area carry their infants on their backs in a long piece of cloth worn over one shoulder and tied in the front. To visit their village, you can stay in a Homestay and discover the life of hill tribes, or even doing the trekking in the beautiful nature of Dalat.

Attractions in Dalat center

Xuan Huong Lake Xuan Huong lake

Xuan Huong Lake is located in the city center, adding to the charm and romantic for Dalat, and is also the place that held many cultural and travel events of Dalat city and Lam Dong province. Around the lake, there are pine hills, green grass, and flower gardens blooming year round. Especially, from Christmas to Lunar New Year, cherry flowers will bloom on lakeside very beautiful.
Dalat Flower Garden Dalat flower garden

Dalat Flower Garden like a museum with more than 300 different flower species, including roses, chrysanthemums, gladiolus, hydrangeas, mimosa... blooming year round. And some of endemic flower species such as the beautiful Azaleas from the jungle, romantic purple Pensée, red Lamiaceae, delicate Forget-me-not... and many other charming flower species.
Dalat market & Dalat night market Dalat market & Dalat night market

Dalat Market is the busiest shopping center of the city, with lots of products, variety of goods category, abundant in quantity, and prices relatively stable. When Dalat Market has closed, then along the front of entrance quickly change the look, made way for Dalat Night Market, which just appear from 6-7 pm lasted until 3-4 am. Dalat Night Market is crowded and vibrant, becomes the ideal place for tourists to walk around, watching local life and enjoy night foods.
Bao Dai Palace Bao Dai palace

Bao Dai Palace is a magnificent mansion of King Bao Dai family - The last emperor of Nguyen Dynasty and Vietnam feudal dynasties. The palace is a huge structure with the flat roof and symmetrical shapes, follow European style, front and back of the palace there are lovely gardens.
Lam Dong Museum Lam Dong museum

Lam Dong Museum exhibited more than 15.000 artifacts of local tradition and history, especially the artifacts shown the rich culture of Dalat city and Lam Dong province. The museum also diversified activities to attract tourists, and gradually taking shape as a cultural center. Typically, as the featured stilt houses of ethnic minorities, this is also the place to introduce some traditional crafts such as pottery, basketry, weaving...
Crazy House Crazy House

The surreal Crazy House - an otherworldly holiday home where guests can experience a fairytale come true. The building's organic, expressionist-style shapes are reminiscent of animals, mushrooms and spider webs. Inside, the themed rooms are filled with quirky and handcrafted furniture...

Extend attractions in Dalat

Datanla waterfall Datanla waterfall

With a wild and attractive landscape, Datanla Waterfall flows down from 20 meters above, worms through many steps of rock-slits, and then hides itself inside the jungle, flowing alternately in and out of sight, challenging tourist's curiosity. The Death Canyon at Datanla Waterfall is also the place for visitors to feel adventurous in the cliff climbing game...
Mong Mo Hill Mong Mo Hill

Mong Mo Hill with lovely villas, art rock gardens, lakes, amusement parks... and green grass, blooming flowers in four seasons, creating the charming and romantic scenery. Here also attracts tourists by the large stage of gongs, where visitors are watching interesting cultural performances, and enjoy grilled meat, Can wine in unique melodies of Highland gongs.
Love Valley Dalat Love Valley Dalat

Love Valley Dalat has nearly 140 ha area, located on the hillside, with the green pine forest, surrounding a large lake, and adorned with lovely flower gardens... The valley also have interesting activities such as: canoeing on the lake, bike duck-boat, double bike, horse riding, glider, paintball, sightseeing by classic train...
Truc Lam monastery Truc Lam monastery & Tuyen Lam lake

Truc Lam Monastery Dalat is one of the 3 largest monasteries in Vietnam, with a complex of large buildings and harmony with nature. The monastery welcomes many people came here for convent in a short time... Tuyen Lam Lake has an area of over 360ha, spread immensity, winding around the mountains covered with green pine forests, creating a peaceful and charming landscape. Here ideal for relaxing, sightseeing, and is also suitable for outdoor activities, explore unspoiled nature.
Langbiang mountain Langbiang mountain

At its highest point, Langbiang reaches 2,167 metres. The hike up to the top of the mountain, from where the views are truly spectacular, takes three to four hours from the Lat village. Langbiang mountain is also a virtual museum of rare and precious floral varieties, with over 300 varieties of orchids and exotic flowers like violet, mimosa, and white roses...
Lat Village Lat village

Lat Village is home to about 600 of the Co Ho people, and it's usually part of the all-day tour in the hills around Dalat. The Co Ho people are very used to the many foreign visitors who come here every day, and you are free to walk about this rustic little town at your own pace...
Cu Lan Village Cu Lan village

Travel to Cu Lan Village, you like immersed in nature, with green space, fresh air, gurgling streams, pine trees whispering in the wind, birds singing... And activities in Cu Lan Village mainly towards outdoor, such as jeep driving through the jungle, mountain biking, kite flying, horseback riding, jungle fowl hunting, fishing streams, life skills training...
Bidoup Nui Ba national park Bidoup Nui Ba national park

Join this journey, you will conquer Bidoup mountain peak with 2.287m high. Although it will be difficult and challenging when have to overcome the slippery slope or the dense forest canopy... but once stood atop Bidoup, your reward will be a high excitement, winning feeling, and get a panoramic view of Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, with spectacular scenery of undulating mountains hidden in clouds, and green forests spread immensity.
Visit a silk weaving factory Visit a silk weaving factory

The silk weaving factory in Dalat is an interesting place to visit. This is the only silk factory in Dalat that maintains the old method of removing silk from the cocoons and it's a small family run factory. You can inspect the entire process of silk production, from the sorting of locally grown cocoons, to boiling them and unravelling the thread, then dyeing the threads and weaving them into shimmering new fabric...

Where to stay in Dalat

Dalat City has many types of stays with different prices, from budget motels, hotels to romantic villages. Places to stay in Dalat concentrated around Dalat Market in the city center. Reference price for the average room type 12 $ / night.

Time to visit Dalat

- The City of Eternal Spring, Dalat’s temperature hovers between a pleasant 15°C (average daily minimum) to 24°C (average daily maximum).

- Effectively Dalat has two seasons - dry (December to March) and wet (April to November). Despite the mild temperatures, by the end of the dry season the lush green surrounds turn to brown. Even in the wet season, mornings normally remain dry - allowing time for sightseeing before the deluge begins.


Dalat travel
    1) Attractions in Dalat center
          - Xuan Huong lake
          - Dalat flower garden
          - Dalat market & night market
          - Bao Dai palace
          - Lam Dong museum
          - Crazy house
    2) Extend attractions in Dalat
          - Datanla waterfall
          - Mong Mo hill
          - Love Valley Dalat
          - Truc Lam monastery & Tuyen Lam lake
          - Langbiang mountain
          - Lat village
          - Cu Lan village
          - Bidoup Nui Ba national park
          - Visit a silk weaving factory