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Datanla Waterfall tourist park - Dalat

Datanla Waterfall

Datanla Waterfall is one of the most easily accessed falls in the vicinity of Dalat. 5km south of the city, the entrance is at the top of the waterfall. An easy 15 minute walk gets you to the bottom, or for something a bit different, try the mini roller coaster.

With a wild and attractive landscape, Datanla Waterfall flows down from 20 meters above, worms through many steps of rock-slits, and then hides itself inside the jungle, flowing alternately in and out of sight, challenging tourist's curiosity.

The ride is wild and the way down to the waterfall is far more interesting because there are some sharp turns on the trail. Tubular rail banked switchback curves into a deep wooded gorge. Overhead signs at the sharper curves signaled when to brake by pulling a lever on either side of the plastic cart. In case you are ‘driving’ too slow, the guard at the pit stop will blow whistle and ask you to speed up.

The Death Canyon at Datanla Waterfall is also the place for visitors to feel adventurous in the cliff climbing game, which means climbing up and down the cliff with sting. Up the waterfall, there are green pine tree forests which are a hundred years old and flat block of stones.

There are beautiful and glossy rock slabs where fairies from heaven legendarily used to bathe and get amused; therefore it is also called Fairy Stream.
The Death Canyon
The Death Canyon
Roller coaster
Roller coaster
cliff climbing
cliff climbing


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