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Truong Tien bridge - Hue

Truong Tien Bridge Hue

Truong Tien bridge is also known as Trang Tien bridge, gracefully reflected on Huong River for more than 100 years, witnessed many historical events of the ancient capital, and is one of the typical symbols of Hue.

Truong Tien bridge was completed in 1899 with Gothic architecture, along technique  and materials of Western. The bridge has a solid steel structure, with 6m wide, 402.60m length, including 6 steel arch spans, each span with aperture 67m, over Huong river, just outside of Hue Citadel.

From Festival Hue 2002, Truong Tien bridge was installed a modern discoloration lighting system, and controlled by the software program. When afternoon to night, the bridge becomes brilliant with fanciful colored lights.

Currently, the traffic planning of Hue City has more bridges, but Truong Tien bridge will remain an important role, a hyphen of the past to the future, and is an attraction in Hue. Bridge arch spans reflected on the river, along with drifting boats, the red phoenix flowers, the girls with Ao Dai walking on the bridge... forever the beautiful picture of Hue.
Truong Tien bridge 02
Truong Tien bridge 02


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