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Khai Dinh Tomb - Hue

Khai Dinh Tomb Hue

Khai Dinh Tomb also known as Ung Tomb, is built on Chau Chu mountainside, and has become a symbol, a pinnacle of the porcelain and glass visual art.

Khai Dinh Tomb history

- Khai Dinh became king in 1916, the 12th king of the Nguyen Dynasty. He built many palaces, mansion, mausoleum for himself and the royal, especially Khai Dinh Tomb.

- To get the cost for the tomb construction, King Khai Dinh had asked the government to allow him to increase the land tax to 30% across the country, this action was condemned harshly in history. He also ordered to go to French to buy iron, steel, cement, Ardoise tiles... and go to China, Japan to buy porcelain, stained glass... for this construction.

- Khai Dinh Tomb started construction in September 1920, and lasted for 11 years to complete.

Khai Dinh Tomb architecture

Compared with other emperor tombs, Khai Dinh Tomb has a much smaller area (117m x 48.5m) but very feats and time consuming. Khai Dinh Tomb architecture is different with the traditional architectural of Nguyen Dynasty by the novelty, and is the resulting of mixing different architectural styles.

Overall of Khai Dinh Tomb is a well-rectangular blocks rising to 127 levels, with accents:

- To enter the tomb have to pass 37 steps, both sides with the large dragon statue. Passing next 29 steps is arriving Bai Dinh yard. Each side has 2 statue rows, same look on the middle, and especially 6 pairs of soldier statue, which are made of rare stones in Khai Dinh Tomb and owns facial mood.

- Thien Dinh palace located on the highest position, and is the main architectural work of the tomb, where the talent of the craftsmen is shown alive. The entire interior of three center rooms are decorated elaborately with glass-ceramic mosaic art. Along with paintings on the walls, flower-enamel tiled floor, and on the ceiling painted 9 dragons in the clouds. Specially, here also has a copper statue of King Khai Dinh was cast in France in 1920.

Whether condemned much, Khai Dinh Tomb is truly a valuable work of art and architecture, adding richness and diversity of the mausoleum in Hue.


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