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Gia Long tomb - Hue

Gia Long Tomb Hue

Gia Long Tomb is also known as Thien Tho Tomb, including a complex of many tombs in the royal family, the key is the tomb of King Gia Long and Thua Thien Cao queen.

Biography of King Gia Long

- Nguyen Anh (Nguyen Phuc Anh) born in 1762, the third son of Nguyen Luan.

- 1773, Tay Son uprising begins, Nguyen Anh follow Lord Nguyen Phuc Thuan to Quang Nam.

- Fall 1777, Lord Nguyen Phuc Thuan died, Nguyen Anh escapes from Tho Chu island, then hiding in the land of Xiem.

- July 1792, King Quang Trung died, his son Quang Toan was still young. Nguyen Anh organized attack.

- By July 1802, Nguyen Anh defeated Tay Son, and became the king with reign Gia Long, based in Phu Xuan (Hue) and named the country as Vietnam, reunification from north to south.

- December 1819, King Gia Long died at age 59, in the lord 25 years, and in the throne 17 years.

- Tomb of Gia Long began to be built from 1814, and completed in 1820.

Gia Long Tomb architecture

The architecture of the tomb seems simple, but overall very large, up to 11.234 m perimeter. The whole area is a complex of 42 hills and mountains with its own name, which Dai Thien Tho is the largest mountain.

From the banks of Huong river to Gia Long Tomb is a wide road, two sides with towering lush pine, creating a cool air and quiet. Two tall pillars situated on the outside, signaling to the tomb area.

Gia Long Tomb is located on a flat wide hill. In front of the tomb is Dai Thien Tho mountain, behind with 7 mountains, left side with 14 mountains, and right side with 14 mountains. Overall of Gia Long Tomb is divided into 3 main areas:

- Gia Long Tomb and tomb of Thua Thien Cao queen located in the middle. Passing the courtyard is rows of stone statues, passing next 7 stone steps is to Buu Thanh on the hilltop. Inside Buu Thanh there are 2 stone tombs was built follow the symbol of happiness and loyalty.

- On the right is the laced area, with the center is Minh Thanh house where worship first king and queen. Inside Minh Thanh house there are many memorabilia attached to the life of King Gia Long.

- On the left is Bi Dinh, now only large stele with carved delicate. Additionally, in Gia Long Tomb areas, there are also other tombs of King Gia Long family.

Gia Long Tomb is a wonderful blend of ancient architecture and the nature, creating a poetic and quiet space.


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