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An Dinh palace - Hue

An Dinh Palace Hue

An Dinh Palace is located on the bank of An Cuu river, with address - 97 Phan Dinh Phung street, Hue city. This is the palace of King Khai Dinh when he was still crown prince until to become the king.

An Dinh Palace history

- In 1917, King Khai Dinh ordered to renovate An Dinh Palace follow modern architecture. To early 1919, the construction work is completed.

- From 1922, An Dinh Palace became the residence of the Prince Vinh Thuy (later King Bao Dai).

- After the August Revolution in 1945, the former Emperor Bao Dai's family has moved to An Dinh Palace and living here.

- After 1954, Ngo Dinh Diem government has seized An Dinh Palace.

- After 1975, Ms. Tu Cung donated An Dinh Palace for the revolutionary government.

- Currently, An Dinh Palace was restored and opened to visitors.

An Dinh Palace architecture

An Dinh Palace has an area of 23.463m2, the campus around is the brick wall with 0.5m thickness, 1.8m high. When An Dinh Palace intact, there are about 10 works: the marina, the main entrance, Trung Lap temple, Khai Tuong house, Cuu Tu Dai theatre, small zoo, lakes... Over time and the ravages of war, so far only three buildings left intact: the main entrance, Trung Lap temple, Khai Tuong house.

- The main entrance was built with 3 roofs, 2 floors, and decorated with embossed porcelain elaborately.

- Trung Lap temple with octagonal structure, built on a high platform. Inside has a King Khai Dinh bronze statue, with the ratio of the real person.

- Khai Tuong house is the main structure of the An Dinh Palace. Khai Tuong means auspicious place, named by King Khai Dinh. The house has 3 floors, built with new materials and follow European castle style. The floors are decorated very picky, especially the interior of the 1st floor with the valuable and art wall paintings.


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