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Hue royal antiquities Museum

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum

Hue royal antiquities Museum with ancient beauty, located in Hue imperial City (address - 3 Le Truc street), displays more than 300 rare artifacts of Nguyen dynasty, providing visitors an overview of royal life in Hue ancient citadel.

Hue royal antiquities Museum is established in 1923, the earliest museum in Hue with the first title is the Musee' Khai Dinh. From this time until 1945, this is one of the most popular museums in Indochina, and attracts the attention from many researchers in the world.

The museum has an area of 6.330 m2, with the main building is Long An palace, built in 1845, under Thieu Tri king. This is a great architectural work of ironwood, with 128 finely carved columns; interior and exterior are decorated with delicate, rich artistic and very elegant... become a valuable artifact of Hue royal antiquities Museum.

- Inside Hue royal antiquities Museum displays hundreds of rare artifacts such as the throne, king palanquin, king bed, king clothing, queen dress, queen shoe, poems, paintings, pottery, silverware, brassware... Most of them are handicraft products, created by famous artists at that time, made by order of royal or offered to the king, so each artifact have only one pair or a single unit.

- In addition, Hue royal antiquities Museum also has an archive with more than 80 Cham artifacts from the archaeological excavations in 1927. These Cham artifacts have been rated as the rare cultural heritages of the Far East and the world by the researchers.


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