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Cam Pho temple - Hoi An ancient town

Cam Pho temple

Cam Pho temple (address - 52 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street) is typical of the old village temple in Hoi An. The temple was built very early, but no specific year due to lack of previous records, only few large restorations were saved in the document as: 1817 and 1897.

The old village temple is the worship place and also the administrative headquarters of the locality. The construction of the temple is important because it will show the culture of a region, the pride of the community, and Cam Pho temple is no exception.

Cam Pho temple completed with banyan trees, water stations, temple courts. The architecture of the temple has 4 roofs in front, both sides with two blocks of houses in the East and West, extended rear. The decoration of the interior, exterior and animal statues are also considered standard of art decorated temples in the area.

Every year, on January 16 Lunar, and August 16 Lunar, Cam Pho temple will organize solemn Xuan Ky Thu Te festival.


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