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Thien Cung cave - Halong Bay

Thien Cung cave

Thien Cung cave was discovered in 1993, is located north of Dau Go island, at an altitude of about 30 meters over the sea level, around 4km from the Bai Chay wharf. The cave is considered one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay where humans can discover.

The path to the Thien Cung cave have crags, both sides covered with green trees. Through a narrow door, the cave opens large space and lasted nearly 130m. Go deep inside, tourists will more enjoy with the splendid of innumerable stalactites.

Thien Cung cave has complex structures, with multi-sections, wide ceiling and high walls. Especially, from the ceiling, colorful stalactites pendulous in clusters formed the unique stone curtain. The walls as artwork massive, with soft lines, delicate to the detail. Center of the cave has four huge pillars, which are carved many featured patterns by nature.

Last compartment of the cave, the natural light streaming through the ceiling, create magnificent scenery. Here also has a water slot from the mountain, forming the crystal-clear pond. Then come out of Thien Cung cave through a small door, you will see the blue Halong Bay with undulating rocky mountains.
Thien Cung cave 04
Thien Cung cave 04
Thien Cung cave 03
Thien Cung cave 03
Thien Cung cave 02
Thien Cung cave 02


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