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Soi Sim island - Halong Bay

Soi Sim island

Soi Sim is a small island located west of Halong Bay, about 12km from the Bai Chay tourist wharf. This is a soil island with two peaks about 100 meters, a dimple in the middle, gently sloping in the southwest, and around the island foot there are nice small beaches with white sand.

Soi Sim island has an area of about 8.7ha, geological structure with 2/3 of the area covered by Feralit soil. Above the mountain is a small forest with abundant vegetation, including many endemic species of Halong Bay ecosystem. According to the researchers, this island was formed from the hundred million years ago and surrounded by seawater, creating special conditions for the development of endemic species.

Previously, local people found a lot of Sim trees on this island - a shrub with purple fruit, so the island was named Soi Sim. Compared to other islands in Halong Bay, Soi Sim island is still one of the young attractions, because tourist operation less than 10 years. However, the services of the island are quite adequate to serve tourists visiting and swimming.

In addition, the top of Soi Sim island has a high place convenient to sightseeing, where tourists can see the southeast and northwest of the world natural heritage Halong Bay. A number of luxury yachts also choose Soi Sim Island as a venue for a romantic dinner on the beach, with lovely umbrella beside elegant dining table, visitors can enjoy grilled seafood and wine under the starry night sky on Halong Bay.
Soi Sim island 04
Soi Sim island 04
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Soi Sim island 03
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Soi Sim island 02


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