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Dau Go cave - Halong Bay

Dau Go cave

Dau Go cave located on Dau Go island, about 300m from Thien Cung cave. This cave is about 5000m2, with 17m wide and 12m high of the entrance, at an altitude of about 27m over the sea level. Dau Go cave is same age with Thien Cung cave, that are formed from the late Pleistocene, about 2 million years ago.

Structure of Dau Go cave is enormous and pristine with a lot of stalagmites, and many big stone pillars, connect from floor to ceiling. Especially, due to expansive entrance, the cave space has high humidity and more sunlight, creating favorable conditions for the development of flora, typically ferns, moss, and some species of trees... This is different from other caves on Halong Bay.

Dau Go cave divided three main compartments. The first compartment has vaulted, full of natural light. Cave ceiling like giant sculptures, describes natural landscapes with clusters of colorful stalactites, diverse shapes and vivid.

- Next, through a narrow door, you will enter the second compartment of Dau Go cave. Here with the dim rays, mapping of clusters of stalactites in space shimmering, mysterious.

- Inside third compartment of Dau Go cave, ceiling bristling with stalactites, and the floor has a huge stone pillar as being honed sophisticated. End of the cave there are a natural wells, with fresh water gushing in four seasons.
Dau Go cave 04
Dau Go cave 04
Dau Go cave 03
Dau Go cave 03
Dau Go cave 02
Dau Go cave 02


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