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Halong Bay cuisine & Halong Bay specialties

Halong Bay cuisine is famous for specialties :

- Cha Muc : Although squid is common, only the fresh squid in Halong Bay has specific savor that offers a distinctive flavor to make squid balls. The fresh squid would be ground by hand for long and crunchy rolls and then deep-fried to have attractive smell. This is one of the most popular dishes in Halong.

- Sa Sung : One of Halong’s most strange and expensive specialties is Sa Sung. Sa Sung fried with fresh garlic is a distinctive rustic cuisine of coastal people in Halong. Sa Sung served with roasted chili sauce, lettuce, some herbs and beer is very tasty.

- Ngán (a species of clams) : Halong residents use them to make a special drink, a mixture of Vietnamese rice wine and "Ngán" blood. It sounds weird but after the mixture is completed; the wine transforms into a beautiful red color and has a totally unique flavor.

- Sea snails : They are one of the most popular ingredients in Halong cuisine. Each type of snails with different flavors and served with a special sauce including fish-sauce, ginger, peppers and lemongrass would make you really enjoy it.

- Oysters : Another well-known seafood in Halong Bay is oysters. According to locals, the tastiest oysters here are the ones living in brackish water. They are usually served in outdoor BBQ dinners on requests.


Halong Bay
         - Ti Top island
         - Sung Sot cave
         - Cua Van floating fishing village
         - Vong Vieng floating fishing village
         - Thien Cung cave
         - Dau Go cave
         - Soi Sim island
         - Luon cave
         - Trong cave & Trinh Nu cave
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