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Mui Ne beaches and sand dunes

Mui Ne

Mui Ne has the lowest rainfall in Vietnam ( only half of the nearby town of Phan Thiet ). The area mostly warm and bright under sunlight, that can guarantee the beautiful and sunny vacation for the travelers in Mui Ne.

Travelers can have very wide range of hotels and resort in Mui Ne. This is also one of the places you can have the best seafood in Vietnam, that can be easily found in many local restaurants along the seacoast or in the fancy restaurant as well.

In Mui Ne, you can visit the unique scenery of Vietnam - just can be found in this area: many beautiful sand dunes with pink, yellow or pure white sand in amazing moving line caused by the wind - look like the wave. The dunes attracted lots of tourists and photographer, especially in the dawn and sunset.

With very dry, sunny climate and lots of wind, Mui Ne is very popular for surfing or kite surfing. Many people coming here and spent a month at the resort for this sport.

Attractions in Mui Ne

Red sand dunes Mui Ne Red sand dunes

Travel to Red sand dunes Mui Ne, you will have the opportunity to step barefoot on soft sand dunes, admire the magic of nature, feeling like going between the desert right in the tropics. Or sliding sand by a plastic board, have some fun like a kid. Add a bit of a challenge, you can try conquering the sand waves by a quad bike... these will be interesting experiences in your trip.
Fairy Stream Mui Ne Fairy stream

Fairy Stream Mui Ne impressed by the winding alluvial stream, with one side is the wall of white and red sand; the other side is green grass and trees, adorn with blooming wildflowers, creating a charming and fairy scenery. The stream just gently drifts, high on the ankle, making it ideal for walking barefoot between the cool stream, admire the unique sand column like the skillfully sculptures of nature.
White sand dunes Mui Ne White sand dunes

White sand dunes Mui Ne has two vast natural freshwater lakes, surrounded by immense white sand dunes, creating unique landscapes and still quite unspoiled. Especially, though located between a wind and sunny regions like the desert, but the lake always full of water, creating favorable conditions for the fauna - flora grow rich. And if come here in summer, you will admire the beautiful lotus flower covering a lake area.

Where to stay in Mui Ne

Mui Ne has many types of stays with different prices, from budget motels, hotels to luxury resort. Places to stay in Mui Ne concentrated on the road along the beach. Reference price for the average room type 15 $ / night.

Time to visit Mui Ne

Mui Ne gets the waves - Surf’s up from August to December. For windsurfers, the gales blow as well, especially from late October to late April, when swells stir thanks to the Philippine typhoons.

Mui Ne sees only about half the rainfall of nearby Phan Thiet. The sand dunes help protect its unique microclimate, and even during the wet season (from June to September) rains tend to be fairly light and sporadic.


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