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Con Dao island and attractions

Con Dao island

Con Dao Island with a total land area of 20 sq km, the largest of this chain of 15 islands and islets, is ringed with lovely deserted beaches, coral reefs and scenic bays, and remains partially covered in thick forests; bustle with monkeys and black squirrels, one of several species indigenous to Con Dao.

Roughly 80% of the land area in the island chain is part of Con Dao National Park, which protects Vietnam’s most important sea turtle nesting grounds. During nesting season (May to November) the park sets up ranger stations to rescue threatened nests and move them to the safe haven of hatcheries.

The Con Dao National Park arranges guided treks through dense tropical jungle and to remote beaches like Dam Tre Bay, a deep-sheltered cove that is home to golden fields of swaying seaweed and giant clams with electric blue lips. There are also snorkeling trips to Bay Canh islet, where can be some excellent wildlife-watching opportunities like hawksbill and sea turtles.

In addition, cruising the winding cliff-side roads on a rented motorbike might be the most memorable way to experience Con Dao, where the only traffic is the occasional black-haired goat or wild pig.

Although it seems something of an island paradise, Con Dao was once hell on earth for the thousands of prisoners who languished in confinement during the French and American-backed regimes. Most buildings constructed during that period, have been converted into cafes and private homes in the main town, which consists of little more than a daily market, a few seafood restaurants and a couple of souvenir shops selling shells, carved wooden canes, etc.

And the arrival of the super-luxurious Six Senses is a sign of the times and puts Con Dao on the map for the international jet-set.

Attractions in Con Dao

An Hai beach An Hai beach

An Hai beach looks appealing with a long stretch of white sand and surrounded by pine trees, blue water, gentle waves. The far side is shielding by mountain range and few greening islands like rising from the sea. An Hai is located in the center of Con Dao island and in front of Con Son cafe. Most of the resorts and hotels are concentrated on the shady road along this beach.
Con Dao prison Con Dao prison

Phu Hai prison is the primary prison in the area, this monument to the torturous occupation of the French comes with chilling exhibits and a ghastly look into the treatment of Vietnamese prisoners. And most famously known as the American-style tiger prison, Phu Binh camp was originally called Camp 7 before the Paris agreement. Equipped with 9,630 detaining chambers and 504 tiger cages, Phu Binh is full of spine-chilling history.
Ong Dung beach Ong Dung beach

Ong Dung beach is nice, with pristine natural scenery, quiet and fresh space. Here also has a diverse ecosystem, with mountains, forests, sea and coral reefs are preserved almost intact. When the tide was out, the beach also reveals the vast reef with strange shapes, and many species of marine life such as crabs, snails, sea slugs... than you could count.
Bai Nhat beach Bai Nhat beach

Bai Nhat beach is small and very nice, with white sand, blue water and small pleasant waves, though it’s exposed only during low tide in the afternoon. The beach is also the ideal place to watch the sunset. It's beautiful, and includes numerous boulders where you can sit to watch the sun gradually disappear behind Love Peak.
Dat Doc beach Dat Doc beach

Dat Doc is a beautiful beach with a long stretch of sand, although most of this is now part of the Six Senses Con Dao. Situated on a quiet stretch, the sandy Dat Doc beach is pretty, unadulterated and near deserted. You have lots of space to enjoy the landscape, and the sunset on the Dat Doc beach is also very beautiful.
Dam Trau beach Dam Trau beach

Dam Trau beach has nice yellow sand and quiet, surrounded by pockets of tropical jungle, old green pine trees, and a prominent bamboo forest. One side of the beach is the large black rock reached the sea and outstanding on the yellow sand, where you can climb over to explore a small and nice beach, mysterious and completely unspoiled.
Dam Tre Bay Dam Tre bay

Dam Tre Bay was strictly conserved, nature is still wild and is considered as one of the most attractive place to explore ecosystem on Con Dao island. Visit the bay, you can delight in swimming; snorkeling to see colorful corals and giant clams; or trekking around mangroves to see the birds; climbing to high mountain peaks, enjoy the beautiful panorama of Dam Tre Bay and the surrounding islands.
Bay Canh island Bay Canh island

Bay Canh island with an area of 683 ha, is covered by tropical forest, along with rich coral reefs that will be attractions to delight you diving, and admire the beauty of colorful corals. The highlight of the island is Cat Lon beach with charming of the stretch white sand, where sea turtles to lay their eggs mostly in Con Dao.

Where to stay in Con Dao

Con Dao is preserved quite well, so the type of stay is limited numbers. Hotels and resorts concentrated most on Ton Duc Thang street along the beach in the center area. In addition, around Con Son town also has a few motels. Reference price for the average room type 12 $ / night.

Time to visit Con Dao

The dry season from November to April next year. The rainy season from May to October.

- From March to the end of September is the best time to visit Con Dao. During this time, the sea is calm and suitable for swimming, snorkeling, visit Con Dao National Park and explore the surrounding islands.

- The nesting season of sea turtle is from April to September, concentrated in June.

- From October to the end of February, the sea often has big waves, but in the west and southwest of Con Dao, the sea is calm as shielded.


Con Dao island
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