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Cat Tien national park and activities

Cat Tien national park

The Cat Tien National Park is geologically in the transiting area from the Southern - Central Highland to the Southern plain. Including typical geological features of the end of Truong Son mountain range and South East of Vietnam. The natural area of Cat Tien National Park is 71.920ha wide.

The Cat Tien National Park is estimated as the reserve of natural resources in Vietnam with lots of rare, specious and endemic genus of fauna and flora, as the plentiful site for scientists, domestic and foreign tourists.

The diversity of Cat Tien National Park has been recognized by World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) when this international organization selected the Park as one of 200 global ecological zones including the land and its water area with its well known biological diversity. In 2001 Cat Tien National Park has been listed by UNESCO as the 411st Biosphere Reserve in the world.


Cat Tien national park Trekking to Tung tree

This is an easily accessible route in the beautiful surroundings of the Park Headquarters. You will see a variety of trees, special is Tung tree with a huge root, and enjoy the sounds of the jungle. It is possible to shorten the trip if preferred.
Cat Tien national park Endangered primate species centre

Dao Tien is located on an island in the Dong Nai River, 5min upstream in a boat from the Cat Tien Park headquarter; this is a rehabilitation centre hosting golden-cheeked gibbons, black-shanked douc, silvered langur and pygmy loris that have been illegally trafficked. The eventual goal is to release the primates back into the forest. You can view primates in a semi-wild environment and hear their incredible calls.
Cat Tien national park Trekking to Crocodile Swamp

A visit to the Crocodile Swamp is a popular trekking route in Cat Tien national park. Drive or bicycle 9km from the park headquarters then trek 5km more to reach the swamp. You can choose different routes to the swamp depending on preferred difficulty. Night treks are available, as you've the chance of seeing crocodiles then, as well as other wildlife. Overnight stay is recommended for nature lovers; search for crocodiles in the evening and wake up with the birds.
Cat Tien national park Trekking to Ta Lai village

Ta Lai Village is populated by the ethnic minority groups Tay, Ma and Stieng - who are the former inhabitants in Cat Tien Park’s core zone. At here, you can visit the small museum, stay in the traditional bamboo longhouse, and enjoy experiencing the community’s lifestyle. (This route takes you through many streams, different types of jungle and you will see primates and birds. If you want a real adventure, the park can arrange an overnight stay in hammocks inside the jungle)
Cat Tien national park Trekking to hundred-trunk tree

In Vietnamese, this tree is called Cay Si - An amazing and unique tree with dozens of trunks spanning on a stream of pure water and full all year round.
Cat Tien national park Boat trip through the jungle

A boat trip on Dong Nai River, downstream to Ta Lai commune - it is varied and a great way to see Cat Tien National Park from the waterfront. In Ta Lai, you can visit the small ethnic museum and later eat at the traditional bamboo longhouse.
Cat Tien national park Watching wildlife at night

Night spotting is the easiest way to see mammals. Take a walk, bicycle or car along the jungle trails to observe wild animals such as deer, wild pigs, snakes, porcupines and weasels as they forage for food on the grasslands or in the bushes during the night. Cat Tien National Park offers daily evening tours with departure from the centre.
Cat Tien national park Cycling through the jungle

If you like to exercise, combine your interest with two wheels, nature and feel the jungle. You can rent a bicycle at the park office and ride along the main road through Cat Tien Park, north or south or maybe to the traditional bamboo longhouse in Ta Lai.
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